Friday, January 12, 2007

12 January Dalam Kenangan

Last year, on 12 January 2006, it was the first time Laling was referred to SJMC to check his bad health condition. I was with him the whole day. In the morning, he was sent to the gaestro unit. He was given oral saline laxative for cleansing up his body. Dari pagi sampai kul 4pm, baru Dr kata leh proceed with endoscopy. I went inside the small room and saw the scanning. Bahagian perut is OK. Tapi ada luka kat colon. So they took some sample. They asked me to stay out for a while. After waiting about 10 minutes, the Dr called me into his room. "The sample we took from your husband, we believe, is cancer".

Itulah bermulanya kisah duka aku.

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  1. salam sis... it's soo sad to lost someone, rite? i can't do anything bout that, but i can cry with u if you want... yup. hope that will make your feel much better...
    btw.. that wasn't my blog la sis.. hehe, malu la jan...huhu~~


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