Tuesday, November 11, 2008

P.S I Love You

Last night, I managed to watch this film P.S I Love You, an adaptation from Cecilia Ahern's novel P.S I love You, after a few months Ayu bought me the DVD. Thanks, sis! At least I had some laughters "alone" last night.

I would like to say I Love You especially to my family, to my few IBM friends Che Yan, Idayu, Esther, Chloe, Akhi, Brandon, to my CC friends Caluk, Dina, Po, Soul, Gee, Fad, Su, MokYang, Cokek and semua kat CC, semua bloggers, blog Followers and readers, and the list goes to all the people knowing me. I Love You all.

Yang paling kusayang si kenit nakal yang lahir sehari selepas pemergian Allahyarham, my niece Nile Nafeesa (pagi2 tadi dia called marah Ta sebab Ta x tunggu dia malam kelmarin. Nak ikut balik Desa!). Dan abangnya Najmi Nafees. Ta Loves You kids!


MAN... gets and forgets...
ALLAH... gives and forgives...