Monday, August 04, 2008

Salam Pantai Timur

It was a sudden decision. Elly planned to go up North to see our eldest sister, Akak at Perlis. However, she changed her mind at the very last minute. Even the plan to start our journey was postponed from Saturday to Sunday, due to unforeseen circumstances.

We left Menara Orkid in Sabar's saga, at around 10.00am, and arrived safely in Kuantan at around 12.45pm. Alhamdulillah Allah selamatkan perjalanan balik kami. We stopped 3 times: Karak, Temerloh and Gambang. The first place we got to, was the ever happening Jom Heboh. It was very hot! I bet we will be "dark" again after our "Tiara Beach Resort" trip.

Bila dah tak tahan panas, we decided to balik rumah. Oh ya, that was eventually after Najmi cried as he failed to climb the blue thing, and then successfully, happily bounced himself on the yellow thingy.

Najmi & Nafeesa seem so happy to meet Atuk, Nenek & kakak Ika. Mak dah masakkan asam pedas, boncis goreng with telur, kangkung, ikan goreng and the bestest sambal belacan in the world! It has been ages seen I ate 2 plates of RICE!!! Rindunya mak masak.

Malam, we went to Konsert Jom Heboh... Too many people that we decided to leave the scene... And again, it was too hot to stay...

Well, ni antara gambar2 yang ditangkap pada hari ni... (Opppsss... dah pagi Senin dah pun...) Good nite!

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