Sunday, August 12, 2007

Day 6: 12 August 07

Another hectic day in Tokyo. We left our room for another shopping spree at around 9.30am, heading to Asakusa. This is a place where traditional jappanese souvenirs can easily found. But mind you, they are not as cheap as our souvenirs would cost back in Malaysia. I know I can't afford to buy something for everyone. Yang paling penting, Kimi will get the chance to choose whatever he wants.

First, from Suitengumae station, we went to Oshiage station and changed train to proceed heading to Asakusa. We were lost at first. Macam biasa, lepas berjalan 2 km, barulah nampak tanda2 nak berjumpa dengan destinasi kami. Sampai2, tempat pertama dituju, kedai mainan. Oh my, macam tak pernah jumpa Ban Dai jadinya. Aku sempat sambor 2 Transformers. Tak tahu lagi nak kasik sape. Jemi will absolutely get one.

Pastu nafsu shopping mula memuncak. Kekekeke. Bought key-chains, pencils, handkerchif, etc... Macam lupa diri yang I got few days more to spend in Japan. Alhamdulillah, hari ni senang pulak nak dapat sushi. Sambil minum air C1000 Lemon Water, kami menyusuri kawasan ala Petaling Street tu. Today was better as compared to yesterday.

Lama gak kami kat situ. Around 1.30pm, we left the place, heading to a place called Akihabara, the electric town. Since duit dah banyak abis, I just bought a watch, some Sony batteries and Sony PocketBit 1G... Tak jadik nak cari Ipod. Because we decided to visit Roppongi once again. Heheheh.

Today, aku habis 15570yen, nak compare semalam abis 18897yen, hanya kat Hard Rock Cafe Merchandise. Memang ngalahkan Datin plak. Kekeke. I bought t-shirts for family, lady-T for Lin, and wallet untuk adik2 kesayanganku, Bar, Kimi, and Dik Jo.
On our way back, we met 3 Malaysian students kat Roppongi station. Finally we met Malays in Tokyo!

Well, I guess that's all for today's update.

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