Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Day 1: 07 August 07

I woke up quite early yesterday. I knew its gonna be a great day. I would be out of Malaysia soon. Its not that I hate to stay in Malaysia. It was just that I really wanted to go travelling. And it would be nice since the business trip admin allows me to spend the weekend in Tokyo. The education session is scheduled to be in IBM Makuhari in Chiba. Kimi sent me off to KL Sentral and I took KLIA Express to KLIA around 8am.

The flight departed at 11am. It was quite tiring to be on the plane for 7 and half hours. However, the excitement was just not there. The main reason: I teringatkan arwah. I terribly miss him. Kalau arwah ada, I am so sure dia akan amik cuti and spend time together with me in Japan. Rindunya aku pada arwah: sangat2 rindu.

MAS punye food cam biasalah, sedap. I watched few movies and sempat tido stengah jam. We arrived at Narita International Airport at around 7.35pm. Bila dah jejak kaki kat Narita, barulah I felt the excitement. Thanks IBM for this paid vacation.

From terminal 2 Narita, I took Keisei bus which costed me 1,100 yen. And it took around 50 minutes to reach New Otani Hotel, Makuhari, Chiba. Its a nice city with nice roads. These Jappanese are cool people. I feel myself at home.

My hotel room costed 20,000 yen per day, with b/fast and free internet connection. The syiokest part, memang connection sangat laju nak compare ngan Malaysia punye internet. On friday, I will need to change hotel. Will transfer to Royal Park Tokyo for nice, shopping-time weekend.

Sampai2 New Otani, rehat kejap, pastu jenjalan kat kedai2 yang ada. Cari mineral water. Evian costed me 200 yen... Balik dr jenjalan, mandi buih... Tak pasal2 mata takleh lelap. Rindukan Malaysia...

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