Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Work-Life Balance

I used to work like there's no tomorrow. 7.15am pergi kerja, balik umah lepas system down at 10.00pm. Senang citer, memang jarang jumpa matahari. Sabtu still kerja, walaupun bukan working day. Ahad, masa utk jenjalan. Yet I still felt tak cukup masa. Sentiasa ada kerja nak kena settle.

Then I got to know him. Still the same schedule, but working hours started at 9am. Why? Because he loves to take me to breakfast, and i love to see him membebel pagi2. At least it was something different from my job routine. He never failed to show up every morning (kecuali due to kes2 terpencil). That was in 2003/2004. Any downgrade of job performed? Absolutely not.

Comes midyear 2004, knowing him really affected my working hours. Dah pandai balik awal. 5.30pm sharp, I left office. Why? Because he wanted me to accompany him to dinner. I learned a lot from him. "You will never finish everything as there's always tomorrow". And I found it's true. Hey, I've changed my job role by then.

We got married in July 2005, and had the same schedules. (Oh no! I no longer work on Saturdays). We went out at 7.20am every morning after having breakfast with the kids. Sampai PJ, we had another "Breakfast Berdua", just like when we were just friends. Then he will drop me kat Taman Jaya, I took Putra LRT to KLCC. At around 6pm, he'll be waiting patiently for me at the same station. Sometimes we had dinner before going back home, but most of the times, balik dinner ngan anak2.

Every morning, we spent time together for about 3 hours. Bangun pagi around 6am, mandi, solat jemaah, makan, travel from Bandar Country Homes to PJ (which took 45 minutes) and then berpisah sementara at around 9am.

(Nilah kereta kesayangan yang selalu kami naik ke mana2 dari awal perkenalan hinggalah ke hujung usianya)

Every petang, we spent even more time together. Naik je kereta untuk sampai umah, it took an hour (petang jalan lagi jem). Sampai umah kul 7.30pm, solat maghrib jemaah, dinner. Pastu tengok Berita sesama, pastu solat Isya' jemaah. (Adegan berikutnya tidak dapat dipaparkan di sini)

I realized ever since I knew him, I have improved A LOT on my time management. I still got my job done on time. Ku harapkan panas hingga ke petang, rupanya hujan di tengah hari.

For all workaholics, you can change a bit and live a better live. However, tak semestinya when we spend more time in social life, it means we have a quality time. The quality only comes with happiness.

Jangan hanya sibuk buat harta dunia. Fikir2kan sama bekalan menuju ke alam seterusnya.

Treasure the moment while it lasts.

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